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Aries - (Mesha)

The prevailing time is quite favorable you will get success whatever you do. In the starting of the month you will spend liberally and may invest substantially. During the phase you have to put control on your spending habits, it will be good for future growth. The... Read More

Taurus - (Vrushaba)

Opening of the month will be good since you may involve in sale purchase of property or in the construction. This month will bring new avenues for the love birds. In interviews job aspirants will perform better with confidence. In the first half you shall face some... Read More

Gemini - (Mithun)

You may initiate a new venture and that may give benefit. Your high contacts will prove beneficial for career growth. Misunderstanding with friends and relatives may surface. You will get a wonderful earning opportunity that will be highly beneficial for future. You... Read More

Cancer - (Karka )

In the first half you should not rely on any of your friends otherwise you might be duped whereas in the second week you will be concern about deprived and needy fellows. The unmarried may get suitable match. In the second half you may undertake any journey and prefer... Read More

Leo - (Simha)

The month of May is quite dynamic; you will witness many changes in this month. Financial condition will improve so as the expenses. You may undertake any adventures trip and also your interest will be diverted towards fine arts, literature and music. You shall have to... Read More

Virgo - (Kanya)

Your health will trouble you a bit but the end of month you will become fit and fine. A long held up money might be recovered. Financial condition will keep on fluctuating, expenses shall be high. From the family end you would get only the mixed returns. Rivals shall... Read More

Libra - (Tula)

Health will fluctuate some seasonal infections might surface. Frequent journeys shall have to be undertaken. Old help up money might be recovered. Month of May will give relief to the unmarried fellow some striking new will cheer them. You may finalize some property... Read More

Scorpio - (Vrushchika)

Cross check the condition of vehicle or machinery, they may not work properly causing trouble at the eleventh hour. During the first half of month despite of the challenges your popularity will be at the peak and you may undertake business trips whereas during the... Read More

Sagittarius - (Dhanu)

First quarter shall be quite challenging, reputation might be highly damaged, pinching comments from the relatives may arrive, mental and physical deterioration, work performance degradation are seen whereas the rest of the month shall be mixture of good and bad time.... Read More

Capricorn - (Makar)

Health will fluctuate including seasonal ailments some heat related issues may surface. Government cases may experience unexpected complications. You may visit shrine or holy place to blessings and gaining mental peace. Good time for unmarried ones they may get... Read More

Aquarius - (Kumbha)

In the second half of month health will deteriorate, you will have to suffer for long even after regular medication. In profession you will take some bold action, enemies shall be violent, your interest can be diverted from aim, past secret could be revealed leading to... Read More

Pisces - (Meena)

An unpleasant news from the in laws end may upset you badly. You may advance in the field of creativity. Health will not remain good, some serious issues may surface; immune system will be feeble. You could be duped in deceived in monetary transactions leading to... Read More


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