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Horoscope Matching (Kundali Milan)

Horoscope Matching (Kundali Milan)

Marriage is considered as the second phase of life hence it is re commended to match the horoscope of both the partners before reaching any decision. After marriage the fate of partners effect the fate of each other hence remarkable changes are seen in the life after marriage. If the fate is supporting one another then the life would be happier and enjoyable but the reverse things happen in case of opposite fate.

Horoscope matching needs high expertise and knowledge, a small reckless mistake can spoil the life of couple. Our team of astrologers is specialized in specific streams which ensure maximum possible accuracy in making any prediction. Horoscopes should be matched in both the cases whether it is love marriage or arrange because thorough study of horoscope not only predict about the future but also tells the remedies to make life smoother. Mostly in love marriage the partner is decided and he/she will have to marry with that only, in such cases horoscope study tells about the resolution to upcoming hiccups in getting married and even after marriage whereas in arrange marriage you have the option to select the best.

Horoscope analysis helps in maintaining and developing love between the partners. A true lover can never afford to apart from his / her soul mate, we understand your feelings and suggest the easiest possible resolution to enjoy your love life. Horoscope matching report tells about number of matching ‘gunas’, Special and vital ‘Dosha and Yoga’ including ‘Mangal Dosha’, bhawas are also considered. Some of Doshas have very bitter consequences while some are very fruitful. The things are simpler in arrange marriage where there is least requirement of post marriage astrological remedies but in love marriage the ill effects of planets, ‘Bhawa and Dosha’ will have to be rectified to ensure happy and prosperous life. Hence in both the cases whether it is arrange or love marriage Horoscope matching report plays a very important role. In olden times people believe in this science hence there had been no or very less post marriage issues. You can observe in your nearby to justify it, but in the modern times most of us have lost that faith just because of few Hippocrates hence their married life is full of suffering and compromises. If you want to live happily and enjoy marital bliss then you are encouraged to seek astrological assistance before finalizing marriage by any eminent fellow. Fortunately, we have some of the most knowledgeable fellows who ensure of the best results. The report is developed in easy to understand language and explicit statement which enables you to understand and implement as it is.
Horoscope matching report includes:

  • Resolution to challenges coming in the way of marriage.
  • Mangal Dosh if any and its resolution.
  • Will marriage be fruitful?
  • Is he/ she that fellow only for whom you were waiting for?
  • Predict the age of getting marry.
  • The tuning and understanding between the partners.
  • Impact of marriage over career.
  • Rapport with the family member and status in family.
  • Financial status after marriage.
  • Nature and physical appearance of partner.
  • Life and future of your offspring.

Horoscope Matching

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