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Pisces - (Meena)

Avoid dealing with the strangers else you could be deceived, shed off your ego if you want consistency in progress... Read More

Aquarius - (Kumbha)

You will have to alter your working style, the new work schedule would be quite rewarding. Very soon you would be... Read More

Capricorn - (Makar)

You will discuss domestic issues liberally even in front of kids. Progeny matrimony and education responsibility would... Read More

Sagittarius - (Dhanu)

Something new could be purchased for house hold use. Long journeys if undertaken may prove worthy and comfortable. You... Read More

Scorpio - (Vrushchika)

Today you may corner yourself from the worldly affairs. Profession and family would be the center of attention only. To... Read More

Libra - (Tula)

Due to high work pressure and less competency you will have to work hard. Professional and social obligations may... Read More

Virgo - (Kanya)

Ketu and Moon combination will definitely give you some money but due to mounting expenses it will be soon consumed but... Read More

Leo - (Simha)

Today you could be assigned with more responsibilities hence work pressure will be high but also honor and reputation... Read More

Cancer - (Karka )

Your liberal and lenient approach may spoil children hence you will have to be bit strict and hold a commanding... Read More

Gemini - (Mithun)

The day is all favorable, in government projects you may score victory, in profession you will be dedicated and... Read More

Taurus - (Vrushaba)

Today you may experience a surge of new and positive energy which would be reflected in work, you may take some bold... Read More

Aries - (Mesha)

Family disputes could be settled amicably with mutual understanding of both the parties. Seniors, juniors, coworkers,... Read More


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