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Zircon In Astrology and Top benefits of Zircon

Zircon In Astrology and Top benefits of Zircon

Zircon gemstone when colorless is known for its brilliance and flashes of multicolored light (fire). There are some of the properties between zircon and diamond which are almost same. It occurs in an array of colors, i.e., yellow, green, red reddish brown and blue. Among these, the most valuable colors of zircon are blue, bright red, and green. It is mostly cut in rounds and ovals to maximize its brilliance. It is the birthstone for the month of December and considered as an important gemstone of many colors, also called a historical gemstone. The diversity in its colors is caused by the traces of certain impurities, i.e., radioactive, their inner crystal structure becomes destroyed when goes under the process if metafiction. These forms of radioactive must be heated to stabilize them for use as gems. It is believed that the radioactive in this gemstone is safe. It has a strong luster and intense fire which can be comparable with diamond and produces a real sparkle. But it can also be distinguished from diamond because of its strong double refraction and lower hardness. Zircon is considered as the most desirable gem having the brilliant luster and fire when combined with its good hardness.

Uses of Zircon:
All colors of zircon are used as gems, but the most used colors are blue, golden-brown and white. Among these, the blue zircon is the most popular color and a desirable one as well.
Varieties of Zircon:

There are different varieties of Zircon which are:

Jacinth: This is the orange, yellow, brown, or red variety of Zircon, having a synonym called ‘Hyacinth’. These names are not used as these were the historical names.
Jargon                : It is the colorless, pale gray, or a pale yellow variety of Zircon.
Matura Diamond : It is the trade name for the colorless Zircon.
Starlite                : It is the blue gem variety of Zircon, its color is rarely natural.

Zircon can be classified as high, medium or low based depends on its level of deterioration. The high Zircon has the highest properties and is fully crystalline. The low type of Zircon is metamict and has a cloudy texture. Zircon is a gemstone that has been worn since the ancient times. It is completely distinct and natural species, not a synthetic material. It is the stimulant of the original diamond. It is brittle, worn occasionally, used in jewelry, and are found in a wide range of colors.

Top benefits of Zircon:

It can be used as the substitute gemstone for Venus and used instead of a Diamond or White Sapphire, representing the planets of Beauty and Luxury.
It has always a positive impact on the beauty of the body.
It helps in maintaining Diabetes and ailments of the reproductive system.
It brings happiness, harmony, and love in the relationships.
It is considered as a very good crystal for marital life.
It is lucky for the people who are involved in the creative careers and entertainments.
It removes all the evil and fearful thoughts and builds up the self-confidence.
It has the capacity of providing the relief in the respiratory tract problems.
It protects us from the nightmares and helps in getting a good sleep.
It helps in increasing the appetite.
Zircon also helps in maintaining a good health.

Zircon in Astrology:
According to the astrology, Zircon is used to protect our body and mind both from the harmful energies. It is used to attract the vibrations of wealth, self-confidence, and wisdom in a positive manner. Some of the diseases like fever and insanity can also be cured by the Zircon. Color plays an important role in the astrology world. Each color of the Zircon represents a different body part.
A good quality Zircon must be clear without any impurities within its structure. The quality of Zircon can also be checked by simply placing the gem on a source of light to detect any cracks within the gem. One must consult with a good astrologer before wearing a particular stone of Zircon. It is available in most countries of the world. Zircon is mostly mined in Australia, South Africa, USA, India, China, and Brazil. Asia is famous for the mining of Gem Zircon; Australia is famous for the mining of Industrial Zircon. The cost of the Zircon may vary depending on the quality, color, and size. It can also be varied with time & place and keeps on changing with the market conditions.

About Zircon - History:
Zircon is one of the most important gemstones of today but not a very well-known gemstone. White Zircon was one of the most popular gemstones having a different chemical composition before the introduction of diamond stimulants. It occurs in a wide range of colors, among which white or colorless Zircon are the least valuable. On the other hand, blue Zircon is the most valuable one and is obtained by heating more commonly occurring brown zircon. It is the oldest known mineral on the Earth. Samples of this mineral are found in Australia that is about 4.4 billion years old. According to the scientists, zircon contains the traces of two elements, i.e., uranium and thorium. The physical properties of zircon are responsible by these uranium and thorium.
Zircon is known as the purest form and is completely colorless or white. It occurs in a wide range of colors, i.e., yellow, orange, green, red, blue, violet, and brown. The most common occurrences are yellow-brown to orange, red, and colorless. The most popular color, i.e., blue, is obtained by heating the brown zircon, and generally, comes from Cambodia and Burma. This blue zircon can also look like greenish due to a process is known as pleochroism. The rarest zircon is green zircon and is very expensive as well. Pure blue stones and medium dark colored have the most value among all. It is transparent to translucent. On polishing, zircon exhibits a brilliant and vitreous sheen. Most of the zircons are completely untreated and some of its brown varieties are mostly found in Southeast Asia. Some of the colors like rose and rose-orange are unenhanced.

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