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Let us understand Is Astrology a Science?

Let us understand Is Astrology a Science?

In the modern era, science and technology have been developed rapidly with a lot of new concepts and theories but still astrology exists in our lives. Astrology is a concept of ancient times which depicts our past, present and future as well. It is kind of tool by which you can get rid of any mishappening. We can make the better decisions with the help and guidance of astrology.
Yes, astrology is a science of time and celestial efforts over the human lives. It shows the connection or link between us and the universe. Each of the planets in the solar system has its own energy and their radiations affect us biologically as well as psychologically. Astrology helps us to understand their impact on our lives. It is a science of time, as every moment has a certain meaning and significance.  It is called as a science as it uses the scientific knowledge about the heavenly bodies.
Astrology is a science as it is the study of the correlation between the positions and movements of the movements of planets and the processes going on the life and their resulting factors as well. Some of the astrologers work with the stars and constellations which are possible because of science.

As Science was originated in the ancient times but still exist and inventing rapidly, similarly astrology was also originated in the ancient times but still exists and keeps on implementing.

Let us understand some of the examples to see how astrologers provide a scientific approach. In today’s modern era, astrologers being separated from the mainstream science and are not able to experiment with the plants and people by means of detectors & the research will be possible for the future generations. In this situation, statistical analysis has become a practical tool for the modern astrologers by collecting the databases of many similar cases/events and studies the accuracy of those positions.

Astrology also focuses on the natural world:

The most basic premise of astrology is the heavenly bodies, i.e., the sun, moon, planets, and constellations and have the influence with the earthly events. Also, the aim of the astrology is to explain the natural world by using a set of rules about the relative positions and movements of the heavenly bodies to generate the various predictions.

Does astrology use the testable ideas?

Many of the expectations generated by astrology are general but astrology is not testable. Some astrologers have used the astrology to generate very specific expectations so that they could be verified against the possible outcomes in the natural world.

Is astrology also relies on evidence?

The evidence did not support the validity of astrological ideas in the cases where the astrology has been used to generate testable expectations. Scientific approach modifies the ideas when they are warranted by evidence and astrology has not changed its ideas with respect to the evidence.

Thus, astrology is a science according to some beliefs while some people don’t think astrology as a science.

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