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Anubhav Gupta

About Anubhav Gupta

Acharya Anubhav Gupta did B.Tech. In Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) 2009-2013. Right from my childhood, I had fascination regarding astrology and keen interest about planetary movements while sitting for long hours under telescope just to get a glimpse of planets.

I had learned astrology from my father and time to time does attend seminars and workshops in relation to astrology. I had specialization in following fields and that are:-

•    Parashara based Vedic astrology
•    Bhrigu chakra paddhati
•    Astrology gemstones
•    Astrology mantra
•    Astrology pooja

I do cater following areas of life and try to give honest predictions in relation to:-
•    Career
•    Marital life
•    Children
•    Progeny problems
•    Investment areas
•    Financial life
•    Litigation problems
•    Loan related problems
•    Health
•    Property
•    Obstructions in life
•    Luck related problems
•    Foreign journeys
•    Success in competition
•    Education matters

You can take consultation on above fields from me.
In Vedic astrology , there is need to remember one thing that nobody gets more than his destiny and not before the time but from my side , I always try my level best to give honest predictions and remedies to reduce problems to the persons in distress.

Why remedies do not work?

We all had noted that astrologers do give different type of remedies but why remedies do not work. These are the reasons for failure of remedies:

•    Lack of faith and dedication in doing remedies
•    Proper procedure is not followed for doing remedies
•    Your bad deeds are coming in way of remedies success
•    Besides remedies, you are not doing hard work

Why you are facing problems in particular areas of life?
It is all hidden in karmic theory. Karmic theory means that what I will sow had to be reaped. It means that if I will hurt my mother, Moon will be weaker and if Moon is your 4th house lord and is bad for you, then you will not get domestic happiness as by hurting mother, no body can remain happy in this world.

Similarly, if you hurt old man, Saturn will punish you and as Saturn is karak of profession, it will also hurt your professional life.
If you hurt your wife , Venus will not give good results and thus your love life will be severely affected and that is why as according to our deeds, we get the results and due to negative deeds, problems in life can come.

What our Vedic texts say?
Our Vedic texts give stress to factors to do good deeds, work hard to get good results. If that principle is understandable, half of the problems will be wiped out by day one.

I had studied more than 14000 horoscopes in past 6 years from all over the world and always give stress to these facts such that problems can be reduced in life.
God Bless

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If you have any query then we will have its astrological solution, because none question is born answer less. You will get Vedic astrological remedies within 48 hours with matchless accuracy. Kindly ask only 1 question at a time.



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